Ep. 09: “Share what you’re fanatical about, and leveragibility is overrated.”


In this episode Josh discusses his dislike of marketeers pushing their content-as-leverage narrative, and not caring enough about what makes something truly worth spending your time with.

What Josh speaks about in this episode:

  • The new Saosin album “Along the Shadow” and how damn awesome it is.
  • How discovering Amazon’s Kindle Rentals allowed Josh to both afford to rent “The Dramatic Imagination” and also skip the cost of postage during a time when the $AUS is relatively weak against the $USD. (Programming Note: In the episode Josh referred to this book as “The Creative Imagination” – yeah he knows #thumbsdown)
  • Share what you’re truly fanatical about online, not what you think you can leverage into something more beneficial for yourself (and only for yourself) in the future.
  • If you use your reverence for the subject matter and the quality you build around that fandom/wisdom as your measuring stick, you allow yourself the chance to look back on your creative output with a thoughtful and caring eye – as opposed to focussing solely on metrics like downloads, views, sales, dollars, etc, that might always leave you feeling empty.
  • Keeping what you’re fanatical about at the core of your sharing online allows a creator to avoid the “Principal-Agent-Problem” and maintain an alignment between what’s best for the Creator (Agent) and the Fan (Principal).
  • Leverage is great, but when it comes to creating awesome works, leverage is overrated in comparison to creating something great in-and-of-itself.

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