Ep. 10 "Josh & George from The Buskers Guide, busking in S/E Asia, sleeping in a tipi, and starting a roof top bar in Malaysia."


The Deadly Arnold welcomes Josh Thompson and George Arnold from The Buskers Guide – the boys are travelling the world using primarily busking as their financial engine (oh yeah, they’ve also made a few films and sold a few toasted sandwiches along the way). The boys share some really funny stories, and amazingly (being the awesome blokes that they are) avoid pitching anything in particular – outside of an admiral level of self awareness and their super interesting story thus far. “No Need To Subscribe For The Rest – as Josh T would say.”

More of  what Josh, Josh and George talk about:

  • Losing ones shoes at the airport due to having too much busking gear
  • Josh and George heading off around Australia and then off to S/E Asia with $1,000 between them, and knowing only a handful of cover tunes to fuel their busking repertoire – the guys were learning on the busk.
  • The importance of remaining flexible when trying to get good at your art or craft, and how that flexibility feeds breathing room into your creative process.
  • Starting a successful bar (illegally mind you) on a roof top in Malaysia. The bar became a place for card games, music, Acro-Yoga, and even some fire twirling.
  • Sleeping on the top story of a double-decker bus in the middle of primary school during a fund raising event.
  • Sticking to getting better and better at your craft, so the the art can come, and NOT selling BS to good people along the way.

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