Ep. 08: "When are you going to do something more Grown-Up?"


Dan Caulfield is both a talented instrumentalist/vocalist/lyricist and also one of your Josh’s dearest friends. In today’s show Josh and Dan have an extemporaneous post-guitar-jam discussion of the following question:

“When are you going to do something more Grown-Up?”

Josh post podcast thoughts: I’m yet to meet a creative person who is approaching or living through the third decade of their life that hasn’t heard a version of this very same question at some point. Personally I think it’s important to recognise the question, accept that it may have been birthed from a dark negative place, and if it is, for the sake of your creativity and creative output – you must work hard to keep that negativity external.

If you, the creative person(s), starts to question the value of your own process and your own output, the people who already receive happiness from your art (including yourself) will be the first to suffer. 

Dan Caulfield Twitter (@aclbassman)

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