Ep. 15: Kieran Jack chats indie comics (The Talking Bread), selling comics at Cons and Expos incl. Supernova, plus TV/film vs comic source material

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Josh is joined by Kieran Jack and the guys chat independent comics, crowdfunding, and film/TV’s messing with source material.

Josh and Kieran go deep on the following:

  • Kieran’s path to an interest in comics, and also his early years getting into design and visual work.

  • The warping of comic source material into very good Film/TV, and sadly, often very poor TV/Film.

  • Creating an indie comic, selling that comic, and attending Expos, Cons and Fan gatherings.

  • Kieran’s new project and the crowdfunding project to produce it [ In Purgatory: The Ghosts That Haunt Us ]

What Josh Found Most Interesting: Why in certain fields, artists need to produce work that sells and sustain their ongoing investment in the medium, before they can create and sell work that comes from deepest part of themselves.

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Ep. 14: "Craig Dent chats Thermo Nuclear Tantrum Time, independent filmmaking, The Police records, and The X-Files


Josh chats independent filmmaking, The Police, The X-Files, creative vision, and more with co-creator of THERMONUCLEARTANTRUMTIME, Craig Dent.

Josh and Craig go deep on the following:

• The creative process behind TNTT / Trip Hazard v Astral Plane.

• How much work goes into creating a multi-narrative story on limited resources.

• What Craig and his team are hoping it will become, and where it might go if film isn’t the final destination for the project.

All really interesting stuff. What’s also obvious throughout the podcast, is Craig’s commitment to fostering not just his own creative vision, and that of his own team, but those of the young people in regional communities.

Craig mentions the BookFace: https://www.facebook.com/THERMONUCLEARTANTRUMTIME/

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Ep. 13: Geoff and Dawn from Cohesion Press chat selling stories to Netflix, working with Tim Miller, and running Asylum Ghost Tours in Beechworth


Geoff and Dawn from (Cohesion Press) chat with Josh about selling their stories to Netflix, working with Deadpool director Tim Miller, and the day-to-day of operations of Asylum Ghost Tours - Beechworth.

COHESION contributed 3 stories to Season 1 of the upcoming Netflix Animated Anthology Series "Love, Death & Robots" and the story is incredibly interesting. Check out @lovedeathandrobots on Instagram for a daily countdown culminating march 15th when S1 hits Netflix.

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Ep. 12: Scott Landells chats IndigoFM, the Beechworth music scene, and expanding to Tangambalanga


In this episode we're joined by Scott Landells, President of IndigoFM radio.

The guys chat about:

• IndigoFM as it stands today.

• What separates a low-power FM from a community radio station or commercial radio station.

• How the team at IndigoFM programmed the music for the station, which includes loads of Australian and Independent content.

• The new IndigoFM site in Tangambalanga.


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Ep. 11: Tom and Ben from Trancestate chat local heavy music, music festivals in Wagga, and recording an album at home

Trancestate debut a few new (and incredible) sounds in this episode of the podcast.

Josh is joined by Tom and Ben from Albury-Wodonga based heavy band 'Trancestate'. The guys chat about local heavy music, Wagga's lack of music festivals, Albury show promoters, Sodens Hotel and the Home Tavern.

Trancestate is producing their album at home, and Josh (being an old man) is fascinated by that.


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Ep. 10: Seamus Evans chats 'health supplements', trying stand-up and 'Australia Is NASA'

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Josh is joined by Radio Host, Entertainer and Comedian 'Seamus Evans'.

The guys chat about the following:

• Placenta pills.

• Trying stand-up comedy for the first time, and trying to get better.

• How Australia is actually working for NASA (but where are our cushy .gov salaries?)

• Working out yet not plastering Instagram with inspirational fluff!

• The 'only/single/singular/sole' flaw in Terminator 2.

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Ep. 09: Jin Tommo chats Wagga's The Home Tavern closing down, and what makes a music venue a music venue

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Jin Tommo is a locally-sourced musician, traveller and videographer, who among other things is a founder member of busking community website, The Buskers Guide.

Jin and Josh discuss the recent news that Wagga music institution The Home Tavern is closing down. The guys cover some of their more vivid memories of The Home, plus they venture into discussing 'what makes a music venue a music venue'.

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Ep. 6: "Anthony Simcoe chats Working Dog & The Castle (Steve Kerrigan), Farscape (Ka D'Argo) and his life after acting"


Anthony Simcoe is a former actor (The Castle & Farscape), in-demand business trainer, and Doctoral student researching storytelling & machine learning. He's also, as you will discover in this conversation, an incredibly down-to-earth and fun guy.

Josh and Anthony chat about following good-stuff:

  1. Taking an arts-mindset into the business space without getting stuck teaching people obvious skills like body language and role-playing. Anthony has a unique take on the business-training space.
  2. The impact on Australian culture of The Castle (movie) and Anthony's role as "Steve Kerrigan".
  3. Working with the creative powerhouse that is Working Dog Productions.
  4. Anthony takes Josh takes behind the scenes of Farscape (the TV show) and Anthony's role as Ka D'Argo. The guys go beyond the incredible writing and imagery of Farscape the creation, and speak about Farscape's allegorical power.

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Ep. 05: Martin Atkins chats Public Image Ltd (PiL), his books Band Smart & Tour Smart, and drummer Danny Carey


Martin Atkins is an author, documentary filmmaker, international touring drummer, record label owner, University teacher and speaker, and oh yeah, he's a funny funny man. 

We chat:

  • Martin's incredible history in music including his work with PiL, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Killing Joke, Pigface, Invisible Records and SEA Chicago. 
  • Martin's books about the music industry and touring Band Smart, Welcome to the Music Business Your F-worded, Tour Smart and his upcoming PiL book (Martin's books are among the few books on the music business that Josh feels are must-reads, and they're not just for the people in bands). 
  • An experiment Martin ran on his University class that highlights the lowlights of the music business, and it's a good one. 
  • Martin's thoughts on how creative people of all kinds need to be out there doing real things, and meeting living breathing human beings (and treating them well). 

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Ep. 04: "Steve Smith chats mistaken identity, Australian basketball greats, and long-form journalism in 2018"

Steve Smith (@stevesmithffxis a feature writer with ESPN, digital media practitioner and NBA podcaster. Plus, as you will discover in this conversation, he isn't the former Captain of the Australian Cricket Team, although many of Twitter still believe that he is! 

Steve spent many years as the Bandits/SEABL beat writer for Fairfax Media (based out of Albury-Wodonga), where he developed a unique skill for producing feature pieces and long form articles. 

We chat.

• Steve being mistaken on Twitter for the former Australian Cricket Captain "Steve Smith" who was recently embroiled in an international ball tampering scandal. 

• A recent Twitter blow-up around certain media outlets asking the question: "is Ben Simmons the greatest Australian basketball player ever?"

• A not-hot take on Malcolm Gladwell's take on tennis. 

• The state of sports journalism in 2018, and the size of a beat in a global sports league like the NBA. 

 Steve's incredible article on Erin Phillips for ESPN AUS 

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Ep. 03: "Comedian and Radio host Seamus Evans chats dropping the drink, plus making TV & Radio in Brisbane, Adelaide and Albury-Wodonga"


In this episode we talk with Hit Network breakfast host and actor 'Seamus Evans'. 

The chats:

  • Seamus takes us through a recent article about a major change in his lifestyle.

  • Toasted TV.

  • Totally Wild TV.

  • Getting a start in radio at NOVA Melbourne and Adelaide.

  • Radio and Broadcasting in Albury-Wodonga.

  • #LocationChats about Brisbane, Adelaide and Albury-Wodonga.

Get around Seamus online:

  • @seamusevans on Instagram | @mrseamusevans on Facebook

  • Tune-in/Stream/Podcast Riley-Rose and Seamus - hit104.9 fm https://apple.co/2seGvJ6

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Ep. 02: "Sean Callanan from Sports Geek chats sports-tech, ticketing for travelers, and the school of hard knock knocks"


In this episode Josh chats with Sean Callanan from Sports Geek.

The guys chat about:

• Sports-tech in general and the crazy platform that is driving the NBA's snackable highlights. (0 - 19mins)

• Sean's best tips for getting tickets to international sporting events. (19 - 27mins)

• What exactly is up with NBA corporate boxes? (27 - 31mins)

• The School of Hard Knock Knocks. (31 - 35mins)

• A special technological solution that Sean is working on (35mins - end)


Links / etc.

https://sportswhereiam.com (use Sean's code SPORTSGEEK)


Sports Geek Podcast

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The Pilot: "Jin Tommo from The Buskers Guide chats London, shoes in Singapore and busking in the rain"


In this episode Josh L is joined by traveller, filmmaker and professional busker ‘Josh Thompson’ (aka Jin Tommo) for a chat about London (UK).

We chat about:

  • Cutting weight for South East Asia.
  • Entering Singapore with shoe-issues.
  • Carting music gear all over the globe.
  • How a box-like drum can double as a suitcase.
  • The constant battle to stay afloat in London, both figuratively and literally.
  • The differences and similarities between the London music scene and the scene in a large Australian city like Melbourne (note: they’re not all that different, they’re both super competitive).
  • Some #TravelChats for first-timers London (these are in no-way travel-hacks or any other kind of hack).

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