Ep. 14: "Craig Dent chats Thermo Nuclear Tantrum Time, independent filmmaking, The Police records, and The X-Files


Josh chats independent filmmaking, The Police, The X-Files, creative vision, and more with co-creator of THERMONUCLEARTANTRUMTIME, Craig Dent.

Josh and Craig go deep on the following:

• The creative process behind TNTT / Trip Hazard v Astral Plane.

• How much work goes into creating a multi-narrative story on limited resources.

• What Craig and his team are hoping it will become, and where it might go if film isn’t the final destination for the project.

All really interesting stuff. What’s also obvious throughout the podcast, is Craig’s commitment to fostering not just his own creative vision, and that of his own team, but those of the young people in regional communities.

Craig mentions the BookFace: https://www.facebook.com/THERMONUCLEARTANTRUMTIME/

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