Ep. 15: Kieran Jack chats indie comics (The Talking Bread), selling comics at Cons and Expos incl. Supernova, plus TV/film vs comic source material

http://punchingsideways.com [ please note: for the most up-to-date information on the ‘In Purgatory’ Kickstarter please click the Halftone Production link below ]

Josh is joined by Kieran Jack and the guys chat independent comics, crowdfunding, and film/TV’s messing with source material.

Josh and Kieran go deep on the following:

  • Kieran’s path to an interest in comics, and also his early years getting into design and visual work.

  • The warping of comic source material into very good Film/TV, and sadly, often very poor TV/Film.

  • Creating an indie comic, selling that comic, and attending Expos, Cons and Fan gatherings.

  • Kieran’s new project and the crowdfunding project to produce it [ In Purgatory: The Ghosts That Haunt Us ]

What Josh Found Most Interesting: Why in certain fields, artists need to produce work that sells and sustain their ongoing investment in the medium, before they can create and sell work that comes from deepest part of themselves.

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