Ep. 21: "2016 Art Review - best album, books, playlists, songs and Great Courses."

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In this episode Josh shares his favourite Albums, Playlists, Songs, Books and Great Courses of 2016 (see below for Josh's picks). If you wanted to send in your own picks for 2016 check the contacts below.

Also, Josh has attached his most downloaded podcast of 2016 to the end of this episode - it's actually not an episode of #DeadlyArnold but rather an episode of his other show "On The Bubble Podcast" (if you're interested in either the Terminator franchise or the Psychology of Fan Behaviour, or for some reason both like Josh is, you might enjoy the episode attached - all about Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. It starts around the 13minute mark.  

Our 2016 Creative Review:

  • Album - "To be everywhere is to be nowhere" by Thrice
  • Playlists - The "Spanish Instrumental" and "Japanese Instrumental" playlists on Spotify. 
  • Songs - "Elephant" by Jason Isbell, and "The Sky Boat Song" from the show Outlander.
  • Books - "H is for Hawk" by Helen Macdonald, "Wizards First Rule" by Terry Goodkind, and "The Complete Essays of Montaigne." 
  • The Great Courses - "The Great Ideas of Psychology" and "The Great Ideas of Philosophy" both presented by Daniel N. Robinson, Ph.D. 

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