EP. 15: "Some thoughts on Starting Anywhere, and tactics for avoiding snake oil."

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In this episode Josh (@joshuacliston) pulls his car over while listening to Improv Wisdom by "Patricia Ryan Madson" and shares his excitement about The Fourth Maxim - Start Anywhere.

3 Key Lines from The Fourth Maxim - Start Anywhere.
• "All starting points are equally valid."
• "The notion that there is such a thing as a proper beginning, and the search to find that ideal starting place, Robs Us of Time!"
• "Once a job is underway you have a new and more realistic perspective."

Possible Thought Technology.
1) That we must question why anyone trying to sell us a Best Process or Method for Starting feels they way they feel ..are they more concerned for your creativity or their own bank accounts?
2) Maybe we need to flip the Marketeer-Starting-Advice on its head and look for commonalities in what the Guru's say doesn't work, as there is often more alignment in these concepts than in any advice around what they say does.
(I'm assuming because it's much harder to sell product or book called This Doesn't Work But I Think X&Y Might than it is to sell This Works Every Time - All The Time). #cuethepuke

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