Ep. 03: "Comedian and Radio host Seamus Evans chats dropping the drink, plus making TV & Radio in Brisbane, Adelaide and Albury-Wodonga"


In this episode we talk with Hit Network breakfast host and actor 'Seamus Evans'. 

The chats:

  • Seamus takes us through a recent article about a major change in his lifestyle.

  • Toasted TV.

  • Totally Wild TV.

  • Getting a start in radio at NOVA Melbourne and Adelaide.

  • Radio and Broadcasting in Albury-Wodonga.

  • #LocationChats about Brisbane, Adelaide and Albury-Wodonga.

Get around Seamus online:

  • @seamusevans on Instagram | @mrseamusevans on Facebook

  • Tune-in/Stream/Podcast Riley-Rose and Seamus - hit104.9 fm https://apple.co/2seGvJ6

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Ep. 02: "Sean Callanan from Sports Geek chats sports-tech, ticketing for travelers, and the school of hard knock knocks"


In this episode Josh chats with Sean Callanan from Sports Geek.

The guys chat about:

• Sports-tech in general and the crazy platform that is driving the NBA's snackable highlights. (0 - 19mins)

• Sean's best tips for getting tickets to international sporting events. (19 - 27mins)

• What exactly is up with NBA corporate boxes? (27 - 31mins)

• The School of Hard Knock Knocks. (31 - 35mins)

• A special technological solution that Sean is working on (35mins - end)


Links / etc.

https://sportswhereiam.com (use Sean's code SPORTSGEEK)


Sports Geek Podcast

Email the show: gday@punchingsideways.com

The Pilot: "Jin Tommo from The Buskers Guide chats London, shoes in Singapore and busking in the rain"


In this episode Josh L is joined by traveller, filmmaker and professional busker ‘Josh Thompson’ (aka Jin Tommo) for a chat about London (UK).

We chat about:

  • Cutting weight for South East Asia.
  • Entering Singapore with shoe-issues.
  • Carting music gear all over the globe.
  • How a box-like drum can double as a suitcase.
  • The constant battle to stay afloat in London, both figuratively and literally.
  • The differences and similarities between the London music scene and the scene in a large Australian city like Melbourne (note: they’re not all that different, they’re both super competitive).
  • Some #TravelChats for first-timers London (these are in no-way travel-hacks or any other kind of hack).

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