Ep. 31: Oliver Hunter (1/2) chats starting comedy in Wollongong, bombing at the Albion Hotel, and some of his comedy heroes


Oliver Hunter is an Albury based Stand-Up Comedian, who got his start in Wollongong, NSW. Oli is a story teller of the highest order, as you will discover in the podcast, he’s also incredibly energising to be around (#QualityHuman) as Josh discovered while recording the podcast.

Oli and Josh chat their first Stand-Up gigs, bombing onstage, and some of their comedy heroes (including Bill Burr and Sebastian Maniscalco).

Oli’s Sydney Fringe show details = https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156704041222689&set=a.10152710207447689&type=3&theater

Josh’s Next Open Mic set = https://www.facebook.com/events/516630159125861/

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Ep 30. Mel Naismith chats The Mixed Lolly Bag vs The Vacuum, vs The Kinky Boots, and vs The Very Hot Chilli


Mel Naismith is a radio host, event host, and creativity obsessed funny person.

Josh L. and Mel chat three of great segments that Mel and her radio co-host Josh Groch have come up with on their show @themixedlollybag

• Mixed Lolly Bag vs The Vacuum

• Mixed Lolly Bag vs The High-Heeled Foot Race

• Mixed Lolly Bag vs The 1.5M Scoville Chilli

@themixedlollybag for Mel's radio show on Instagram.

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Ep. 29: Mel Naismith (part 1/2) chats the ups and downs of volunteering, creating content, and NOT taking a compliment


Part 1/2. Mel Naismith is a radio host, content creator, MC, and funny human being. Mel and Josh talk about Ovens & Murray football, volunteering for sporting clubs, a little community radio, and the 'Art of NOT being able to take a compliment' (both are Masters of Art, FYI)

@themixedlollybag for Mel's radio show on Instagram.

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Ep. 28: Dan Caulfield chats cover bands playing with original bands, the lack of stadium bands in 2019, and D.I.E.F.M supporting Antagonist A.D.


Dan Caulfield is bass guitarist, metal and hardcore vocalist, and one of your Josh's best friends in the world. The guys chat about where the trend of mixing genre-cover-bands and original bands on the same line-ups came from, and why? Where did all the Big rock bands go? And what's the deal with Dan;s band D.I.E.F.M supporting NZ Hardcore band Antagonist AD

Dan on Soc: @imjustayeller

D.I.E.FM on Soc: @d.i.e.f.m

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Ep. 27: Jim Martens chats the 'Melodius Acoustica' tour (incl. the Wodonga show), plus the early days of 'Fields of Reign' & 'A Candela Lie'


Jim Martens is an alternative rock musician, solo acoustic artist, and musical storyteller. Josh and Jim met back in the A Candela Lie / Fields of Reign band days, and several of those early stories make their way into the Podcast.

Jim Martens Melodius Acoustica tour (Wodonga show 8:30pm August 2nd 2019)


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Ep. 20: Claybrin McMath chats 'Welcome to the Poddy', Bryant University and Border Bandits Basketball, and Clay's Reviews


Claybrin McMath is a former professional basketball player turned podcaster, and online content creator.

The guys chat about:

• Clay’s show “Welcome to the Poddy”. https://www.welcometothepoddy.com/listen

• Clay’s early life in Adelaide basketball, and why playing Rep ball wasn’t initially on his radar.

• Why Clay chose Bryant University in Rhode Island, USA, to play his college ball.

• Clay’s time with the Albury-Wodonga Bandits Basketball club, and some memories from the 2016 finals vs the Geelong Supercats.

• How “Welcome to the Poddy” got its start, and where it's heading now.

• Funny social media gear incl. 'Clay In The kitchen' and 'Clay’s Head On Other People's Heads'.

• 'Clay’s Reviews' - actually honest and independent movie reviews.

Clay on Instragram @claytron23

@joshuacliston on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Em: joshuacliston@gmail.com

Ep. 18 & Ep. 19: Brad George chats commercial radio in Griffith, the Albury Wodonga Bandits and NITV footy calls


Brad George is a football and basketball announcer and broadcaster, professional MC, and a former commercial radio host. Brad worked his way up from aspiring local footballer and volunteer radio host, to professional broadcaster in Wagga and Griffith, NSW. Brad can also be heard at each at @BorderBandits home games, court announcing the Albury Wodonga Bandit’s home games.

@joshuacliston on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


Ep. 17: DANE SIMPSON chats Wagga's Riverina Comedy Club, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe


Josh is joined by Wagga comedian Dane Simpson. Dane is currently doing his first solo run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019. The man has had a crazy 2018 and 2019: including MICF 2018, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, festivals in Perth, 'Have You Been Paying Attention', and expanding his hometown comedy scene.

• https://www.facebook.com/Danesimpsoncomedy/

• https://www.facebook.com/riverinacomedyclub/

Josh and Dane chat about the following:

  • Dane’s Big Night at the MICF 2019.

  • How did Dane get his start in Podcasting, and how important was his family in developing his storytelling abilities?

  • How did the Riverina Comedy Club come to be, and how does Dane and his team pick good local talent to put on-stage?

  • What did Dane learn about comedy at the Adelaide Fringe 2019, and what was his two-man Fringe Show Aborigi-LOL about?

  • How does Dane see his career progressing and where does Wagga fit into that picture?

@joshuacliston on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


Ep. 16: Paul Konik chats 56 years in radio, TV at the ABC, raising horses, and working in Wangaratta


Josh is joined by 56 year radio and TV veteran Paul Konik. The guys chat Australian commercial media, working at the ABC, getting good at content creation, working horses as a non-horse person, driving 87km to work at 4am in the morning, and the town of Wangaratta.

Articles Mentioned in the Episode:




Josh and Paul chat about the following Q’s:

• Does Paul miss being on the radio?

• How did Paul get his start working in a creative field such as radio?

• How did Paul get so good at content creation, and build a 56 year media career?

• What did 16years at the ABC teach Paul about hosting/presenting/life that commercial media did not?

• Why did Paul move to Wangaratta / NE Victoria, and why horses?

@joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Ep. 15: Kieran Jack chats indie comics (The Talking Bread), selling comics at Cons and Expos incl. Supernova, plus TV/film vs comic source material

http://punchingsideways.com [ please note: for the most up-to-date information on the ‘In Purgatory’ Kickstarter please click the Halftone Production link below ]

Josh is joined by Kieran Jack and the guys chat independent comics, crowdfunding, and film/TV’s messing with source material.

Josh and Kieran go deep on the following:

  • Kieran’s path to an interest in comics, and also his early years getting into design and visual work.

  • The warping of comic source material into very good Film/TV, and sadly, often very poor TV/Film.

  • Creating an indie comic, selling that comic, and attending Expos, Cons and Fan gatherings.

  • Kieran’s new project and the crowdfunding project to produce it [ In Purgatory: The Ghosts That Haunt Us ]

What Josh Found Most Interesting: Why in certain fields, artists need to produce work that sells and sustain their ongoing investment in the medium, before they can create and sell work that comes from deepest part of themselves.

@joshuacliston on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


Ep. 14: "Craig Dent chats Thermo Nuclear Tantrum Time, independent filmmaking, The Police records, and The X-Files


Josh chats independent filmmaking, The Police, The X-Files, creative vision, and more with co-creator of THERMONUCLEARTANTRUMTIME, Craig Dent.

Josh and Craig go deep on the following:

• The creative process behind TNTT / Trip Hazard v Astral Plane.

• How much work goes into creating a multi-narrative story on limited resources.

• What Craig and his team are hoping it will become, and where it might go if film isn’t the final destination for the project.

All really interesting stuff. What’s also obvious throughout the podcast, is Craig’s commitment to fostering not just his own creative vision, and that of his own team, but those of the young people in regional communities.

Craig mentions the BookFace: https://www.facebook.com/THERMONUCLEARTANTRUMTIME/

@joshuacliston on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


Ep. 13: Geoff and Dawn from Cohesion Press chat selling stories to Netflix, working with Tim Miller, and running Asylum Ghost Tours in Beechworth


Geoff and Dawn from (Cohesion Press) chat with Josh about selling their stories to Netflix, working with Deadpool director Tim Miller, and the day-to-day of operations of Asylum Ghost Tours - Beechworth.

COHESION contributed 3 stories to Season 1 of the upcoming Netflix Animated Anthology Series "Love, Death & Robots" and the story is incredibly interesting. Check out @lovedeathandrobots on Instagram for a daily countdown culminating march 15th when S1 hits Netflix.

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Ep. 12: Scott Landells chats IndigoFM, the Beechworth music scene, and expanding to Tangambalanga


In this episode we're joined by Scott Landells, President of IndigoFM radio.

The guys chat about:

• IndigoFM as it stands today.

• What separates a low-power FM from a community radio station or commercial radio station.

• How the team at IndigoFM programmed the music for the station, which includes loads of Australian and Independent content.

• The new IndigoFM site in Tangambalanga.


@joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.