Ep. 06: Defiance - the save our show fan campaign for Syfy series DEFIANCE - OTB006

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In this episode of On The Bubble podcast - we take a look at the save-our-show TV fan campaign for Syfy original series DEFIANCE (2013-2015).

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Netflix - Save Defiance the TV Show - https://www.change.org/p/netflix-save-the-defiance-tv-show

Our Amazing Audio-Contributors for this episode:
• Stargate Pioneer from The Starling Tribune and GoonaGeek.com (www.gonnageek.com/category/podcasts/tv/starling/) (https://www.voicesofdefiance.com/)
• Josh Armour from Wrestle Radio Australia and (www.facebook.com/ArmourPod/)
• Dave Gertler from the Cast Away podcast awards (castawayawards.com.au/)
• Sam Loy from the Human Ordinary podcast (itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/human…d1121669942?mt=2)


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