Ep. 15: "The Shannara Chronicles is fighting poor S2 ratings with double episodes, but will there be a S3?"

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In this episode we take a look at how SPIKE TV's 'The Shannara Chronicles' found itself on the bubble, and how 14 episodes of sub-par ratings has lead to 3 double episode nights in Season 2. 

Quote 1. @Cancelled Sci Fi - Oct 12th 2017

#TheShannaraChronicles had a .10 rating w/314K total viewers for its S2 debut on Spike. Not a good start on its new network.(Original Source - @CancelledSciFi on Twitter)

Quote 2. @Cancelled Sci Fi - Nov 16th 2017

#TheShannaraChronicles improved to a .11 rating w/277K total viewers. (Original Source - @CancelledSciFi on Twitter)

Quote 3. Read by StarGate Pioneer from GonnaGeek.com

"Averaging a 0.09 (read as: point-O-nine) rating in the 18-49 demographic and 245,000 total viewers. 

"Compared to season one on MTV, that’s down by 77% and down by 72%, respectively."

(Original Source - TVseriesfinale.com)

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