Ep. 06: "The don'ts of promoting your Podcast in Facebook Groups and in Social Media."

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TPSguide.org's Cardinal Sins of Podcasting s01e01 "Don't change the heart of a listener question to suit yourself!" 

In today's episode Josh tackles a listener question from Josh Armour - "What are the Straight-Up-Don'ts of promoting an audio Podcast on Social media?"

Josh L has 3 BIG DON'TS for promoting your show on Social. 

  1. Don't use your personal profiles as a SPAM ENGINE!
  2. Don't start posting in Social groups (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) without first reading the group rules (if the group doesn't have them posted then reach out to the admins to see if the group has rules and/or display some patience and watch the way other group members use the group). 
  3. Don't hi-jack the threads of more popular shows or your direct competition with links to your own episodes or audio samples. 

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