Ep. 04: "What one tool makes your Podcasting better?"

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In this episode Josh shares his thoughts on a great question that Dave Gertler (@podcastdave on Twitter) asked inside of the Australian Podcasters Facebook Group. 

His Q: "What one tool do you use to make your podcast better?" 

Many members of the group jumped straight on this particular question with answers ranging from Audio Hijack to Beer/Coffee, but what also came up was the Auphonic Desktop App for Mac and Windows. This tool is also Josh's "Favourite and most Important Podcasting Tool" (as of August 2016). 

A Few Common Reasons Josh L. (and many others) Love Auphonic. 

  1. The Noise & Hum Reduction tool is so smart it's kinda creepy!
  2. Auphonic is so good at processing entire files (regardless of dynamic range and noise floor) that it can be used both before and after content editing. Josh in fact uses Auphonic to pre-process a lot of his monologue audio segments before he even touches them for editing - which leads to a faster and more enjoyable editing runs, as he doesn't have to focus energy on fixing low end rumbles, soft plosives and inconsistent levels between segments of speech (magic!)
  3. If for some reason you need and/or decide to REC your vocal parts at a slightly lower than suggested level (just say your guest is openly challenging Darth Vader for the Galaxies heaviest breather like Josh himself has been known to do) what Auphonic allows producers to do is to increase spoken word levels without bringing up a whole heap of the noise floor. So you can get louder without bringing up heaps of rubbish sounds at the same time. (the force!)

If Sauron was a Podcaster he'd probably say this about Auphonic (translated from the Black Speech or Mordor of course)

"One Tool to Level Them, One Tool to Filter Them, And in the Noise Reduction Bind Them."