Ep. 11: "Podcasters' Anti-Glossary - A for Avatar" - challenging the value of Audience Avatars

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In this episode Josh introduces the PODCASTERS' ANTI-GLOSSARY - todays letter is A for AVATAR

Some reasons discussed in this episode for why it might be time to challenge the Radio-Gurus about the value Audience Avatars in podcasting:

  • If Audience Avatars are so essential, why is radio in a long and eventual decline? 
  • Radio style Audience Avatars may be victimised by Path Dependency. 
  • The evaluation of any show (podcast or radio) using a super defined Avatar(s) is open to both confirmation bias and what Josh refers to as "ex-post facto attribution error."

Josh's Alternative to an Audience Avatar - "An obsessive focus on producing the very best show you can, firstly for you the producer, and then for the core group of initial listeners you gain." Forgetting about their age, sex, life stage, income level, etc - and keeping in mind that those things may in fact have no impact on why that person chose to listen to your show! ..maybe your show is just really good, and they enjoy it because they can't help but to enjoy it."

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