Ep. 09: "How to reduce and/or rein in the dollar costs of podcasting - part 1."

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In this episode we look at six ideas for cutting the dollar-costs of Podcasting - either now or into the future: 

  1. Look at the amount of media hosting you're currently paying for - if it's much more than you ever seem to use, then consider downgrading to a lower MB plan.  
  2. Give some thought to cancelling any premium stats packages you're currently paying for, over and above reliable download numbers.  
  3. Don't let the info-gurus convince you that you need a Wordpress site, Premium Themes, .coms. .nets .orgs. infos. .bankruptcies .etc, fancy email providers and myriad other website tools - let you website grow as your show grows.  
  4. Don't move away from free DAW's (like Audacity and GarageBand) until you've plumbed all that they have to offer - YouTube is your friend!  
  5. Don't let the guru's convince you that you're show isn't legit unless you're prepared to pay top dollar for their coaching, consulting and tools - art rarely thrives in the reductionist-mind.
  6. STOP buying new gear until you've really spent time with your current set-up.

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