Chosen 2 part 1 - Allanon is unimpressed with Wil, the Dagda Mor dispatches the Changeling, and Eretria vs Amberle

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In this episode we deep-dive the first three scenes in The Shannara Chronicles (s01e02) Chosen 2.

We cover

  • Will and Allanon's first meeting.

  • The Dagda Mor and The Changeling embracing and plotting to "Kill The Chosen".

  • Eretria and Amerle's first meeting, which quickly devolves into a standoff.

Readers Note 1.
In the Elfstones of Shannara Wil and Allanon meet in somewhat different circumstances. In the novel, Wil is already several years into his apprenticeship as a healer with the Stors (expert healers, predominantly from the race of Gnomes) and Wil is accompanied by his Uncle at the time of Allanon’s arrival at Stor Lock. The Wil we find in the novel is aware of Allanon by reputation (his Uncle Flick and Grandfather Shea having told their own stories of the great Druid a dozen times over) so the Wil we find in the novel is more curious than the Wil we find in Chosen P2, where he appears to be both more skeptical and fearful of Allanon. 
End Readers Note 1.

Readers Note 2.
Brooks’ Dagda Mor is described as manlike in appearance, at a distance. But his spine doubled at the shoulders, his scaled forearms and legs, his hooked teeth, His clawed hands, and the random tufts of green hair on his body, quickly gave him away as something other than human. 

Brook’s “Changeling” (which we assume is the demonic creature we’ve just met in Chosen P2) is described as being able to model the appearance and characteristics of anything creature it comes in contact with - humanoid or animal. 
End Readers Note 2.

Readers Note 3.
The tension between Eretria and Amerble is more pronounced in TSC than in the Elfstones of Shannara. It’s built for the faster pace of television. 
End Readers Note 3.

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