Ep. 02: "Shannara World - The Season 1 Competition"

Win some goods with the Shannara World podcast from ShannaraWorld.com

'Shannara World' is a deep-dive podcast dedicated to the Shannara novels and The Shannara Chronicles television show. 

In this episode we introduce our Season 1 fan competition - first prize being a 50USD Amazon Gift Card plus a Season 1 Digital Pass for The Shannara Chronicles. 

Follow these steps to be in with a chance to Win. 

  1. Go to one of the following places
    - The Apple Podcasts App for iOS
    - The Apple Podcasts Store in Desktop iTunes
    - The Stitcher App for iOS and Android
  2. Leave 'Shannara World' an honest review in your platform of choice (we’d obviously love it if you could give us 5 Stars and a positive written review, but only if you think we deserve it).
  3. Email us and let us about your review feedback@shannaraworld.com or alternatively you can private message Josh on Twitter or Instagram (username @joshuacliston) or find him on Facebook (facebook.com/joshuacliston)
  4. Include the words “SHANNARA WORLD Competition” at the beginning of your message or in your email’s subject line - so we don’t miss it.
    - Note: please include in your display name for the Apple Store or Stitcher reviews in your message - so we can confirm your review if you do happen to Win ..and if you use Apple Podcasts it would be super helpful if you could include which Apple store you were logged in to when you left the review (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA, The UK, etc.).

The Competition Winner will be announced February 6th 2018. (Only reviews that are live in the Apple Podcasts or in Stitcher at or before midnight on Feb 5th 2018 (Australian Eastern Time) will be eligible to win.

Conditions of Entry. 

- Prizes will not be exchanged for cash or any cash equivalent.
- The Digital Pass is for The Shannara Chronicles Season 1 only (so if you already have the show, you will need to pass this along to a friend, family member etc. who needs some Shannara in their lives.
- The 50USD gift card will be issues for Amazon.com only. 

Good Luck! 

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