Band vs Noise Ep. 04: "Some better than good reasons to get your own band website"
In this episode Josh ( @joshuacliston ) shares some thoughts around recent request he received to incl. an independent bands tracks on one of his Podcasts (the band featured one of Josh's mates, so he felt more OK than normal with being honest with this bunch of musicians).

Josh said yes, for sure, he would love to include this particular bands tracks on one of his podcasts but he would need a link to the bands actual website! This is where the conversation came to a screaming halt.

The band offered up every other kind of link/URL before finally asking Josh "Why are you chasing just a website link when we have so much more happening elsewhere online?"

Josh went on to offer the following to the band, and now to you guys and gals:
1) I the "podcast music supervisor" need access to lossless audio files and access to your creative commons all in one place.
2) I the "podcast music supervisor" need some surety that the website you're pointing me to is going to offer me easy access to a high quality download, and easy access to your agreed upon creative commons license. 
3) Finally, I the "podcast music supervisor" need some surety that if I was to go back and look into your band weeks or months later that the site you're pointing me to is up-to-date, easy to use, and most importantly, is not downgrading the quality of your assets without you realising.

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Thanks heaps for listening all \m/ \m/