Band vs Noise Ep. 05: "Advancing shows with nuance, plus punctuality and promises in Singapore & Thailand."

In this episode Josh (@joshuacliston on Twitter) shares some thoughts around the idea of advancing shows with nuance and professionalism - the following 5 tips are both from Josh's own experience as an indie musician and a former venue booker.

5 tips for advancing your shows/gigs with nuance and professionalism:

  1. Speak to both the venue booker/manager and the bands themselves when you're looking to borrow gear from another band on a bill.
  2. Don't consider an unanswered email, txt or call as anything but a non-event.
  3. "Ask first what you can do for the venue or scene."
  4. Avoid lumping your views and feelings about the music scene as a whole on to future shows and the people who are organising them. 
  5. Re: touring Asia - be patient and remember that when dealing with non-native English speakers that more time and more care is needed when advancing shows.

The following is from

SINGAPORE 2012-04-22 | Researcher: Nidhi Soin 

PUNCTUALITY. "In Singapore, people are particular about time. Punctuality is expected and respected."

PROMISES. "People are expected to stick to promises, no matter what."

THAILAND 2012-04-17 | Researcher: Patrick Kivirikko

PUNCTUALITY. "In general, many Thais are not punctual, unless strictly advised."

PROMISES. "Depends, for important occasions, it’s a must to keep promises while changing mind can easily be done among friends."

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