Band vs Noise Ep. 03: "5 ways your Band might need to think differently in S/E Asia."

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In this episode of Band vs Noise your host Josh (@joshuacliston on Twitter) shares some of the more unique challenges when marketing music and/or touring in Australasia and South East Asia - incl.

1) The multitude of languages, laws, borders and cultures that make up S/E Asia make any cookie cutter marketing plan, or touring plan a mute point.
2) The distance between live music centres and the dwindling number of viable live music venues in the region makes it harder for acts to be out on the road for long periods of time without logging unrealistic and costly miles (km's) on the road. 
3) The range of technological adoption is massive in S/E Asia - both from country to country, but also from region to region.
4) The variance in both bandwidth speeds and bandwidth availability outside of the more developed countries in the region will make it harder for some potential fans to interact with your bands digital assets in the same way as others who have faster or cheaper bandwidth, or both. 
5) The cultural differences in the ways both business and artistic professionals are expected to speak, act and feel in a negotiation and/or contractual setting.

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