The Deadly Arnold Ep. 03: "It's All Too Much" plus some must-read books for 2016
In Ep. 03: of The Deadly Arnold your host Josh Liston talks about the positive impact the book “It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh” had on his day-to-day life in 2015 (thank you Mr. Merlin Mann for sharing this strange little book with us all) – Josh also shares his 2016 Must-Read Book List.

Josh’s 2016 Must-Read Book List:
> Fin. “What Technology Wants” by Kevin Kelly
> Fin. “A History of Western Philosophy” by Bertrand Russell
> Re-try. “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom
> Cont. “the Harry Potter series”
> Cont. “Things Hidden Since The Foundation of the World” by René Girard (apologies: Josh may have said Earth in the episode, but it’s definitely World).

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