Band vs Noise Ep. 02: "iOS Apps for musicians and bands in Australia and S/E Asia"
In this episode your host Josh ( @joshuacliston on Twitter ) shares some essential iOS Apps he has as part of his 2016 "Indie Bands Toolbox."

The following are the iOS Apps that Josh recommends as of January 1st 2016:
> Basic REC App: iTalk Premium App by Griffin (look here)
> Advanced REC App: Multitrack DAW by Harmonic Dog (look here)
> Tuner/Metronome App: GuitarTuna by YouSician (look here)
> Basic Notes App: Drafts by Agile Tortoise (look here)
> Advanced Notes App: Evernote App (look here)
> Photo Editing App: WordSwag (look here)
> Communication/REC interview App: Ringr (look here)
> Misc. App: SpeedTest by Oakla (look here)

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