The Deadly Arnold Ep. 11: "Some thoughts on the Cult Of Planning."
In this episode of the show Josh speaks extemporaneously about his growing belief that the online marketing world is creating a Cult of Planning, and how he thinks it might be a bad-thing for your creative career – as he is finding it is for his own song writing and third-act music career.

These are just Josh’s initial thoughts on whether planning every aspect of your creative output will actually help you succeed, or whether it could end up leading you down a less fruitful creative path?

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The Deadly Arnold Ep. 10: "Josh and George from The Buskers Guide on busking in Asia, sleeping in tipis and opening a bar in Malaysia."

The Deadly Arnold welcomes Josh Thompson and George Arnold from The Buskers Guide – the boys are travelling the world using primarily busking as their financial engine (oh yeah, they’ve also made a few films and sold a few toasted sandwiches along the way). The boys share some really funny stories, and amazingly (being the awesome blokes that they are) avoid pitching anything in particular – outside of an admiral level of self awareness and their super interesting story thus far. “No Need To Subscribe For The Rest – as Josh T would say.”

More of  what Josh, Josh and George talk about:

  • Losing ones shoes at the airport due to having too much busking gear
  • Josh and George heading off around Australia and then off to S/E Asia with $1,000 between them, and knowing only a handful of cover tunes to fuel their busking repertoire – the guys were learning on the busk.
  • The importance of remaining flexible when trying to get good at your art or craft, and how that flexibility feeds breathing room into your creative process.
  • Starting a successful bar (illegally mind you) on a roof top in Malaysia. The bar became a place for card games, music, Acro-Yoga, and even some fire twirling.
  • Sleeping on the top story of a double-decker bus in the middle of primary school during a fund raising event.
  • Sticking to getting better and better at your craft, so the the art can come, and NOT selling BS to good people along the way.

Links mentioned in the Pod.

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Deadly Arnold Ep. 09: “Share what you’re fanatical about, and leveragibility is overrated.”

In this episode Josh discusses his dislike of marketeers pushing their content-as-leverage narrative, and not caring enough about what makes something truly worth spending your time with.

What Josh speaks about in this episode:

  • The new Saosin album “Along the Shadow” and how damn awesome it is.
  • How discovering Amazon’s Kindle Rentals allowed Josh to both afford to rent “The Dramatic Imagination” and also skip the cost of postage during a time when the $AUS is relatively weak against the $USD. (Programming Note: In the episode Josh referred to this book as “The Creative Imagination” – yeah he knows #thumbsdown)
  • Share what you’re truly fanatical about online, not what you think you can leverage into something more beneficial for yourself (and only for yourself) in the future.
  • If you use your reverence for the subject matter and the quality you build around that fandom/wisdom as your measuring stick, you allow yourself the chance to look back on your creative output with a thoughtful and caring eye – as opposed to focussing solely on metrics like downloads, views, sales, dollars, etc, that might always leave you feeling empty.
  • Keeping what you’re fanatical about at the core of your sharing online allows a creator to avoid the “Principal-Agent-Problem” and maintain an alignment between what’s best for the Creator (Agent) and the Fan (Principal).
  • Leverage is great, but when it comes to creating awesome works, leverage is overrated in comparison to creating something great in-and-of-itself.

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Band vs Noise Ep. 14: "Don't get stuck marketing-you-marketing and not making music."

In this episode Josh L talks about his own failings in keeping song writing and performing at the centre of his musical world as opposed to music marketing. He introduces what he sees as the "marketing-your-marketing problem" and then goes on to explain how a musician or band might be able to spot if their focus has shifted away from what's really important - the completion of the best music and lyrics possible.

Proposed Thought Technology: "Avoid focussing all your time and effort on marketing content that in turn needs its own heavy investment of marketing energy (marketing-your-marketing) - focus instead on creating the very best core-art (in this case music and lyrics) that you can."

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Band vs Noise Ep. 11: "Three hard questions to kick-off your second-act music career."

R.I.P Prince.

What do you do when your second or third act music career just won’t get off the ground? This is a tough question we know - but your not suffering alone - your host Josh (@joshuacliston on Instagram) has been asking himself that very same question.

Josh has come to the conclusion that although the broader question is incredibly hard (and maybe even impossible) to cover in a single Podcast episode - or even from a single persons perspective - he does feel that the following three question may provide a good place to start.

  1. Are you really stuck, or are you just being lazy?
  2. Are you trying to make music that doesn’t energise your efforts? And/or are you trying to create music with (or for) people who you don’t have much in common with anymore?
  3. What one, two, or three things (probably tough things) are you prepared to do to make your music creation process and performance work?

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Deadly Arnold Ep. 08: "When are you going to do something more Grown-Up?"

Dan Caulfield is both a talented instrumentalist/vocalist/lyricist and also one of your Josh’s dearest friends. In today’s show Josh and Dan have an extemporaneous post-guitar-jam discussion of the following question:

“When are you going to do something more Grown-Up?”

Josh post podcast thoughts: I’m yet to meet a creative person who is approaching or living through the third decade of their life that hasn’t heard a version of this very same question at some point. Personally I think it’s important to recognise the question, accept that it may have been birthed from a dark negative place, and if it is, for the sake of your creativity and creative output – you must work hard to keep that negativity external.

If you, the creative person(s), starts to question the value of your own process and your own output, the people who already receive happiness from your art (including yourself) will be the first to suffer. 

Dan Caulfield Twitter (@aclbassman)

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Band vs Noise Ep. 10: "All-in-One vs À La Carte music marketing services and platforms."

In a world full of music marketing services and platforms, music marketing consultants and coaches with their own favourite tools, and advice coming from every direction (incl. from your "well read" non-musical uncle who has never created a song in his life) how are we the creators meant to decide what tools to choose and use to take our music towards our artistic goals? 

This question has plagued both myself and my band mates in the past, so in an attempt to clarify my own thinking around the idea of "music marketing service platforms" I decided to break the mindset around music tools into two distinct categories: All-in-One platforms and À la carte services. 

What was I looking for?

  1. A solid reputation for online-support; as I'm based in Australia I want to know that I don't have to make an angry international phone call just to get some help when things go wrong (and they always ALWAYS go wrong!)
  2. I know I'm going to need stable yet flexible website hosting with high-up-time and modern features.
  3. A domain name (a .com .net .etc) for my new site.
  4. (Ideally) The ability to host and serve high quality audio and high quality images (plus the ability to easily embed high quality videos from a range of sources). 
  5. An email service that allows for good growth without dramatic increases in cost.
  6. Social integration on the website/email tools/music players etc without slowing down those primary technologies.
  7.  An understanding of the effects of exchange rates on artists in countries like Australia where the purchasing power of our $AUS has ranged dramatically over the past 5-6 years (so if a company has a history of large and/or regular price hikes, they're OUT!). 

The All-in-One platform (the Pro's and Con's) 

  1. Pro - Single point of contact when you need to ask a question or push for new features
  2. Pro - Fully featured product-set where the user experience (UE) should be similar enough to feel both familiar and comfortable. 
  3. Pro - All-in-One services in the music marketing world seem to provided by established companies, where their longevity and customer loyalty is easier to quantify, and hopefully the company itself is more financially stable. 
  4. Pro - A single music upload process can allow you access to everything from iTunes to Spotify, to music sync and to music publishing, all being visible within a single user interface (UI) and revenue centre. 
  5. Pro - a paid All-in-One service encourages payers to actually use and engage with the product to avoid paying real money for no reason - this is less often the case with free or trial-period based products from Start-Ups and less established companies. 
  6. Pro - over time your All-in-One provider may establish partnerships with other premium providers or even purchase entire companies and integrate them into your existing service (so longterm you might not actually miss out on as much of the specialisation that a'la carte provides as you might imagine). 
  7. Con: All-in-One projects might be charging you for feature-sets that aren't yet available in all regions of the world (think paying for premium music publishing services that can't yet collect publishing from all the regions where your band is getting plays).
  8. Con: Single Point Of Failure!!! Imagine some disgruntled user with the skills to take down or at the very least interrupt your All-in-One service decides to direct their energies at doing just that - you might see your website, music hosting, image hosting, email service provider and more taken down in one fell swoop. Not good! 
  9. Con: As all features are included in the nominal-cost of the All-in-One service it is much harder to correctly identify what you're actually paying for each feature within the set. This may worry some bands and musicians that would like to know if their service provider is charging them premium dollars for functions such as email which is something that is both easy and affordable to obtain from specialised email service providers. 

The À La Carte platform (Pro's and Con's)

  1. Pro: The flexibility to mix-and-match platforms and services that offer advanced and/or specialised technical knowledge and deploy that advantage within specific areas of your music marketing toll box. This flexibility also allows bands and musicians to drop and replace a single tool if it's not what your chasing or a better a'la carte option comes onto the market.
  2. Pro: The clarity offered by paying for premium features, and not paying for free or freemium tools, makes it much easier to clearly identify the nominal-cost of specific tools when they're broken up from the whole. 
  3. Pro: the impact of a negative exchange rate movements can be mitigated somewhat buy substituting some of the less essential paid-services in your tool box for free of freemium (think going with Mail Chimp instead of aWeber for email). 
  4. Con: Multiple passwords and log-ins, differing levels and quality of online security and fraud protection. Bands will also expose themselves to much wider range or customer service principles, business motivations and financial positions (as many a'la carte music marketing services are venture funded Start-Ups). 
  5. Con: Multiple points of contact around album launch time, single release time, tour marketing time, etc - this might become both laborious and even tiresome for a band or musician with a lot on their minds already. 

Thanks so much for reading, and if these ideas interest you please subscribe to podcast, or just give this a share somewhere that matters to you, with people who matter to you. ~ Josh

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The Deadly Arnold Ep. 07: "Jackson Rogers on artistic growth curves, and a conversation about entre-freedom-journaling."

“A fanatic is one who redoubles her effort when she has forgotten her aim.” ~ George Santayana

In this episode Josh is joined by podcaster, radio creator and sound designer Jackson Rogers (AUS via the UK). The guys discuss entre-freedom-journals and why they will never read such works, let alone pay premium dollars for the “privilege” – the two J’s also talk about creating art and it becoming something altogether different from what it started out as (and what you as the creator thought it would become).

Full show notes coming Friday, March 25th. 

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Band vs Noise Ep. 08: "One struggling musicians thoughts on the Cult of Planning."

In this episode of the show Josh speaks extemporaneously about his growing belief that the music marketing world is creating a Cult of Planning, and how he thinks it might be a bad-thing for your creative career - as he is finding it is for his own song writing and music career.

These are just Josh's initial thoughts on whether planning every aspect of your indie music will actually help you succeed, or is it possible it could lead you down the wrong creative path? 

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Band vs Noise Ep. 07: "Indie Band Toolbox (Part 2) - Android Apps for Bands and Artists 

Josh brings on his musician friend and Android power-user Dan Caulfield to discuss Android Apps that are useful for bands and musicians in 2016. 

Many of the Android Apps discussed in this episode were also endorsed by prominent members of Michael Brandvold's Facebook Group "The Music Biz Weekly Music Marketing Mind" - try them out and us know what you think. 

Android Apps mentioned:

  • Tuner - g strings
  • Photos - Snapseed
  • Pics for Socials - Pics Art
  • Notes App - Evernote (advanced) / Ink Pad (basic)
  • Recording App - Audio Evolution (premium version)

Dan's Snapchat User Name is - Dumbassman

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The Deadly Arnold Ep. 06: "Going with Knowledge Over Numbers" - 107 books part 3

In this episode Josh talks about “Going with Knowledge Over Numbers” in non-fiction reading.

A questions for the avid readers – “Are you reading a lot of books to gain more understanding, clarity and enjoyment in your life, or are you just chasing a reading-goal?” 

Changes of Heart-brain:

  1. Decide in advance what you want a new non-fiction book to help you understand better, prove/disprove, expand upon, etc.
  2. Be open to the idea that this new book might challenge everything you currently feel, believe and understand about a particular topic/field – come to terms with that early in your reading cycle and it can be a real game changer. 

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Band vs Noise Ep. 06: "is Spotify our saviour? and some thoughts on band merch."

Josh is joined by radio/podcast producer, music composer and former radio technician Jackson Rogers (AUS via the UK) and the guys tackle the following music business articles. 

Jackson's Music (click here)

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Band vs Noise Ep. 05: "Advancing shows with nuance, plus punctuality and promises in Singapore & Thailand."

In this episode Josh (@joshuacliston on Twitter) shares some thoughts around the idea of advancing shows with nuance and professionalism - the following 5 tips are both from Josh's own experience as an indie musician and a former venue booker.

5 tips for advancing your shows/gigs with nuance and professionalism:

  1. Speak to both the venue booker/manager and the bands themselves when you're looking to borrow gear from another band on a bill.
  2. Don't consider an unanswered email, txt or call as anything but a non-event.
  3. "Ask first what you can do for the venue or scene."
  4. Avoid lumping your views and feelings about the music scene as a whole on to future shows and the people who are organising them. 
  5. Re: touring Asia - be patient and remember that when dealing with non-native English speakers that more time and more care is needed when advancing shows.

The following is from

SINGAPORE 2012-04-22 | Researcher: Nidhi Soin 

PUNCTUALITY. "In Singapore, people are particular about time. Punctuality is expected and respected."

PROMISES. "People are expected to stick to promises, no matter what."

THAILAND 2012-04-17 | Researcher: Patrick Kivirikko

PUNCTUALITY. "In general, many Thais are not punctual, unless strictly advised."

PROMISES. "Depends, for important occasions, it’s a must to keep promises while changing mind can easily be done among friends."

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Band vs Noise Ep. 04: "Some better than good reasons to get your own band website"
In this episode Josh ( @joshuacliston ) shares some thoughts around recent request he received to incl. an independent bands tracks on one of his Podcasts (the band featured one of Josh's mates, so he felt more OK than normal with being honest with this bunch of musicians).

Josh said yes, for sure, he would love to include this particular bands tracks on one of his podcasts but he would need a link to the bands actual website! This is where the conversation came to a screaming halt.

The band offered up every other kind of link/URL before finally asking Josh "Why are you chasing just a website link when we have so much more happening elsewhere online?"

Josh went on to offer the following to the band, and now to you guys and gals:
1) I the "podcast music supervisor" need access to lossless audio files and access to your creative commons all in one place.
2) I the "podcast music supervisor" need some surety that the website you're pointing me to is going to offer me easy access to a high quality download, and easy access to your agreed upon creative commons license. 
3) Finally, I the "podcast music supervisor" need some surety that if I was to go back and look into your band weeks or months later that the site you're pointing me to is up-to-date, easy to use, and most importantly, is not downgrading the quality of your assets without you realising.

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Deadly Arnold Ep. 04: "Vertical vs Horizontal Chains of Inspiration and Inquiry"
This is part 1 of a multi-part podcasting mini-series around the insights gained (or not gained) from reading 107 non-fiction books in 2015.

The following notes were taken in Drafts for iOS and were used as the core of this episode.

Vertical vs Horizontal Chains of Inspiration and Inquiry.
“It wasn’t until I sat down to read to the work of Austin Kleon that I realised that for a very long time I’ve been following horizontal lines of both inquiry and inspiration. Kleon, in his incredible little book “STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST” suggests that instead of expanding your range of inspiration or inquiry horizontally (meaning to the piers, contemporaries, and supporters of the artist or creative idea that you currently enjoy), instead look to go vertically back through their sources of inspiration, and then again back to their inspirations-inspirations. I’ve discovered the value in this, and the depths understanding that can come from knowing all the small truths and trade-offs that lead to the idea, theory, work or creative movement that you currently enjoy. As a side note; this process may also open up new ways of enjoying your favourite albums, books, TV shows and more, like it has for me of late.
Take two examples from my own life – one regarding reading books, and the other regarding listen to podcasts.

Several years ago when I first started to get back into reading I suffered from what I’m now jokingly refer to as “horizontal-readititus” – where instead of tracking back through the truth or even more so the untruth of business, marketing, and personal growth books and purveyors, I instead went in search of contemporary collaborators for those very same ideas (basically I was a classic case of the-conformationally-biased!)

Now take Podcasting:
In the Australian summer of 2014 I became somewhat disheartened by what I came to see as both charlatanism and greed in the Podcasting circles I had traditionally been most involved with; but instead of broadening out even wider across the same general Podcasting genres and content creators like I had in the past, I instead went back to one particular Podcaster who’s opinion I respect “Rob Greenlee” from The New Media Show and and looked at the type of shows and people that he seemed to enjoy/respect most. And although the exact vertical chain is a little fuzzy right now, it went something like this:

Dan Carlin from Hardcore History
Rob Walch from Libsyn
The New Media Show
Dan Benjamin from 5by5 network
Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin’s Back to Work podcast
Roderick on the Line with Merlin Mann and John Roderick

So all in all, I feel as author Austin Kleon seems to feel, that you dig deeper into those who inspired those who inspire you, and keep digging. Oh yeah, and this ones from me, buy and read the books the your favourite people read, not the books that appear in Amazon’s “frequently brought together tab.”

Social Audio Think Tank Ep. 57: "What is the best thing about being Podcaster and having a Podcast?"
In this episode Josh L and Josh A from the Australian Podcasters Group on Facebook take on one heck of a BIG Podcasting Question.

"What is the best thing about being a Podcaster and having your own Podcast?"

Podcasting gear used in this episode:
> Josh L: Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 > Audacity/Skype > Audition for post-prod (Orange premium XLR cables are also in the mix)
> Josh A: ATR2100 > Audacity/Skype > Audition for post-prod.

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> Josh A:

Thanks a whole heap for spending some of your time with us, we hope it was fun!

Crow's Feet Choir Ep. 08: "Rock and Roll is not dead, but bad articles about the music business should be!"

Today, Josh L and Dan C talk about this:

Some quick ideas of what we chat about:

  • Can Slash and Axl save Rock and Roll?
  • Are fans to blame for the fall of the music business? (probably, maybe) - but the fall of creativity (not a chance!!!)
  • Just how bad was this article? And why does Josh L believe that it's poison? 
  • Is streaming the Devil, or is it just a confused yet attractive demon that might want to dance the night away?

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The Deadly Arnold Ep. 03: "It's All Too Much" plus some must-read books for 2016
In Ep. 03: of The Deadly Arnold your host Josh Liston talks about the positive impact the book “It’s All Too Much by Peter Walsh” had on his day-to-day life in 2015 (thank you Mr. Merlin Mann for sharing this strange little book with us all) – Josh also shares his 2016 Must-Read Book List.

Josh’s 2016 Must-Read Book List:
> Fin. “What Technology Wants” by Kevin Kelly
> Fin. “A History of Western Philosophy” by Bertrand Russell
> Re-try. “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom
> Cont. “the Harry Potter series”
> Cont. “Things Hidden Since The Foundation of the World” by René Girard (apologies: Josh may have said Earth in the episode, but it’s definitely World).

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Social Audio Think Tank Ep. 55: "2015 year in review, plus 2016 podcasting predictions."

Josh A and Josh L discuss their podcasting experiences from 2015, and share their predictions for podcasting in 2016. 

What gets yapped about:

  • Favourite new Podcast of 2015
  • Best new Podcasting knowledge of 2015
  • Most overlooked Podcast by the media in 2015
  • Favourite Podcasting music moment of 2015
  • Most upsetting Pod-fade of 2015
  • Worst Podcasting idea(s) of 2015
  • Podcasting in 2016 - predictions, bad bad predictions.  

Podcasting gear used in this episode:

  • Josh L: Heil PR40 > CL-1 Cloudlifter > Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 > Audacity/Skype > Audition for post-prod.
  • Josh A: ATR2100 > Audacity/Skype > Audition for post-prod. 

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Band vs Noise Ep. 03: "5 ways your Band might need to think differently in S/E Asia."

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In this episode of Band vs Noise your host Josh (@joshuacliston on Twitter) shares some of the more unique challenges when marketing music and/or touring in Australasia and South East Asia - incl.

1) The multitude of languages, laws, borders and cultures that make up S/E Asia make any cookie cutter marketing plan, or touring plan a mute point.
2) The distance between live music centres and the dwindling number of viable live music venues in the region makes it harder for acts to be out on the road for long periods of time without logging unrealistic and costly miles (km's) on the road. 
3) The range of technological adoption is massive in S/E Asia - both from country to country, but also from region to region.
4) The variance in both bandwidth speeds and bandwidth availability outside of the more developed countries in the region will make it harder for some potential fans to interact with your bands digital assets in the same way as others who have faster or cheaper bandwidth, or both. 
5) The cultural differences in the ways both business and artistic professionals are expected to speak, act and feel in a negotiation and/or contractual setting.

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